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Does Better than Sex Desserts in downtown Plano live up to its name?

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Or let’s talk about something better. Better Than Sex Desserts in Plano is one of seven locations, originating in Key West, Florida.
Choco Cab and Sex Appeal | By Samantha Marie

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Or let’s talk about something better.

Better Than Sex Desserts in Plano is one of seven locations, originating in Key West, Florida.  Romance is the name of the game when it comes to this dessert fantasy island, right down to its owners. It all started when newlywed Dani Johnson made her husband, Len, a double-layer Oreo cake per his birthday request. She completely knocked it out of the park and Len encouraged her to keep exploring her passion, so she did. Better Than Sex Desserts was birthed out of pure love. It was built upon the hours Dani spent making sweets for her husband and fond memories of being in the kitchen with her mother, learning how to create delicious baked goods.

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She was encouraged by friends and family to start a business until she finally jumped in with both feet. The test subjects for the original menu were  friends who were invited over for a Valentine’s Day party. It was a huge hit and they put their collective minds together to create an after-dinner, romantic dessert experience: themed music, menus thick with innuendo and double entendres, toe-curling culinary experiences, and a dimly-lit atmosphere complete with rich and romantic colors throughout. That’s what you can expect to find at Better Than Sex in downtown Plano. Even more “aw”-inspiring, this particular location is owned and operated by a married couple, Sheila Phalen-Miller and Derrick Miller. Like Dani, Sheila dreamed of owning a dessert only restaurant and while visiting Key West with her then-boyfriend and now-husband Derrick, found passionate love at Better Than Sex Desserts. 

better than sex dessert bar plano
Tongue Bath Truffle

“This was exactly what she dreamed of. From the decor to the desserts. We knew this was what she’d always envisioned,” Derrick Miller says, recalling their first experience at Better Than Sex in Key West. 

Just one glance at the menu and you will see expertly crafted, deliciously decadent desserts, playfully named. If you don’t have a close relationship with your dining partner already, be prepared to giggle like school girls as you not only read the menu, but request these risque delicacies from your thoroughly prepared and completely mature waitstaff. Lean on them, and they will make recommendations with a knowing chuckle and favorite dessert in mind. 

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Here, everything is sinfully sweet, from chocolate-dipped wine glasses to tantalizing desserts which elicit groans of pleasure, eye rolls of delight, and pregnant moments of savoring silence. My dining pal and I order the Better Than Sex original Choco Cab, which is a semi-sweet chocolate-dipped wine glass filled with Cabernet Sauvignon and the Sex Appeal, a sweet sparkling white moscato with a red sugar and white chocolate-rimmed glass. I am a fan of chocolate and wine, but I haven’t had the two combined in this way before. It was delicious and forced me to drink more sensually than I’m used to. Let me reiterate again, this is a great spot for couples and close friends who you don’t mind breaking out of your comfort zone with.

better than sex dessert bar plano
Blueberry Birthday Suit

The next course of desserts is equally laced with sexual innuendos and shy, downward glances. We decide to order the Tongue Bath Truffle, two flourless chocolate truffle cake wedges and tart, refreshing, raspberry sorbet. The second dessert is the Blueberry Birthday Suit, which basically explores every sweet grilled cheese fantasy that has ever played in my mind. Picture buttered, crisp-on-the-outside French toast, warm, gooey Brie cheese, generous portions of blueberries griddled until they burst with sweet heat. It is served alongside a strawberry champagne “soup,” which is perfect for dipping this masterpiece. To top off our experience, Dani herself serves up two deliciously minty  Lucky Shots. These seasonal cocktails taste as if adult Girl Scouts were peddling Thin Mints in a glass. 

Better Than Sex will surely be a happy ending to any date night with its intimately romantic setting. Draped booths are perfect for clandestine words whispered to your lover or unending giggles during girls nights.

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