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Brunch at Neighborhood Services, Frisco

Let’s talk brunch. We love brunch. Let’s talk Neighborhood Services. We love that too.
Granola and yogurt | All Photos by Cori Baker

Let’s talk brunch. We love brunch. Let’s talk Neighborhood Services. We love that too. Let’s talk brunch at Neighborhood Services, courtesy of Executive Chef Richard Blankenship, only available at the new location in Frisco’s Omni Hotel, which we got a sneak preview of this morning. (Spoiler: It rocks.)

We have starved ourselves since breakfast in preparation for what will be a lavish brunch. Nick Badovinus, the culinary whiz behind Neighborhood Services and smash hits like Towne Hearth, introduces the chef he’s nabbed to head up the Frisco kitchen, Chef Blankenship, praising him for his panache and grits—I mean grace. Panache and grace. Sorry. I’m hungry.

Chef Blankenship serves granola and fresh fruit first. The fruit plate is not the typical “melon rind and grapes plus one blueberry” mix that’s native to hotel breakfast buffets. Instead, you’ll find fresh kiwis, grapefruit, blueberries, clusters of grapes, blackberries, pineapple and—the crowning glory—sliced peaches. The yogurt isn’t artificially flavored, simply drizzled in honey. All the rich flavor of the toasted granola and the natural sweetness of the fruits shines.

Avocado Toast

The avocado toast is layered with mild flavors: grilled sourdough, ricotta, arugula, peppered avocado and a sunny egg with crisped edges and a perfect over-medium center. There aren’t wildcards here; it’s classic and generous, dotted with pepper and hints of lemon, with seeds and edible flower petals dusted on for beauty.

The quinoa bowl is simply elegant. With a mild dressing of almond pesto—very promising—ricotta, broccoli, pickled carrots and a soft egg, the bowl is light and breezy.  If you’re on a diet, or even just in the mood for a lighter brunch, Neighborhood Services has put together an array of guiltless dishes that still spoil you. Each dish as balanced as a ballerina and presented with just a little flair. 

Quinoa Bowl

Now for the heavy hitters.

Smoked Pork Hash. This bad boy piles smoky pork with crispy potatoes, peppers, a slather of a zesty sauce, a fried egg and cilantro. This hash hash is lit. Spicy, indulgent and huge enough to split, it’s got a bit of a sting and a lot of rich flavor.

Smoked Pork Hash

And finally, barely hungry, we slather barrel-aged maple syrup on crisp bread topped with a salted dulce de leche brulee, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and dolloped with Chantilly cream. It’s a great combination of churro and french toast that totally works and I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before. The bread is crispy with a dough-soft inside, smoothed over with cream and dulce de leche so sweet the syrup is not even necessary (but still recommended).

This was, of course, just a tasting. The complete brunch menu launches August 25, only at the Frisco location. Bring it on.

Neighborhood Services | 11 Cowboys Way, Frisco |

Churro French Toast