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Dr Pepper Unveils 'Spicy' New Flavor

Dr Pepper Hot Take provides a fiery twist to the beloved soda brand’s 23-flavor formula
Dr Pepper Hot Take is available for a limited-time through the Pepper Perks point program

This week, Dr Pepper unveiled a new, limited-edition flavor that will be sure to spice up everyone’s life.

Called “Dr Pepper Hot Take,” the brand-new soft drink concoction provides a fiery twist to the beloved soda brand’s 23-flavor formula, by incorporating the bold flavors of spicy peppers into the mix.

Keurig Dr Pepper — the Frisco-headquartered beverage company behind Dr Pepper — said that the scorching new addition was created in honor of college football, a sport whose fandom is renowned for its various “hot takes.”

"Dr Pepper is taking bold flavor steps with the launch of Dr Pepper Hot Take and it is a testament to our commitment to bringing fans sensational new products," said SVP of Dr Pepper Brand Marketing John Alvarado. "Every year, we celebrate college football fandom and the new flavor is a 'hot take' on the well-loved tradition of sport and spice."

Dr Pepper’s limited-time soda offering is exclusively available through the brand’s Pepper Perks point program.

Starting from Nov. 8, 2023, Dr Pepper Hot Take is accessible solely through Pepper Perks in two ways: by either signing in or joining the Pepper Perks program¹ from the comfort of your home and participating in the scratch-and-win game to win various prizes, including the new Dr Pepper® Hot Take. Alternatively, fans can acquire the flavor by redeeming 3,000 points. This special offer is only valid while supplies are available.

Dr Pepper Hot Take will only be available while supplies last. To sign up for the Pepper Perks program, visit