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Larks Entertainment Debuts Shuffleboard-Themed Venue In Fairview, TX

The new “eatertainment” spot brings shuffleboard fun and dining 

Larks Entertainment (Larks) is set to open its new "eatertainment" spot in Fairview on May 11, 2024. The spot will offer an array of engaging activities and dining options perfect for socializing and entertainment, appealing to families, teenagers and adults alike. 

The 22,000-square-foot venue, located at 351 Town Place, offers a relaxed atmosphere with shuffleboard-themed décor. It features a restaurant serving “world famous quesadillas,” ten shuffleboard courts, a 5,000-square-foot arcade and a dedicated studio for the Game of 1,000 Boxes, all designed to foster social interaction and entertainment.

Larks aims to revive the popularity of shuffleboard, touting it as an accessible and entertaining activity suitable for all skill levels.

“Shuffleboard is easy to learn and play, including with a drink in your hand. You can be as competitive as you want. Most importantly, it is fun,” said Curt Skallerup, co-founder and CEO of Larks. “Everyone loves grabbing a tang and sliding their biscuits at Larks.”  

According to Skallerup, the venue aims to provide a fun and inclusive space for all ages and occasions.

"We want Larks to be the go-to spot for lunch, dinner, date nights, group events, or bring the family for an always enjoyable experience,” Skallerup said in an official statement. 

Following its Fairview opening, Larks plans to expand to Cleveland, Kansas City and Nashville later in 2024, with additional locations in the pipeline.

For more information, visit or connect on Facebook and Instagram.

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