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Man Visited Chick-Fil-A For 1,000 Consecutive Days

Staff at the Port Arthur location surprised him with a special table set-up and a card
Photo: JHVEPhoto | Shutterstock

In a personal mission to hold the record of eating at Chick-fil-A every day the restaurant opens, a Port Arthur resident hit a major milestone on Wednesday morning. James Stinson ate at the restaurant for 1,000 consecutive days (except Sundays when the location is closed).

As a loyal customer, Stinson first came with the idea of reaching the record when he read about a New Jersey man who went to a Chick-fil-A restaurant for 100 consecutive days. Stinson was not impressed by that record knowing he could easily beat that number. According to KHOU 11, by August 19, 2021, Stinson made his 500th visit to the restaurant.

To celebrate the tremendous occasion, when Stinson arrived at the restaurant Wednesday morning, the staff at Chick-fil-A in Port Arthur went all out and surprised him with a special table set-up, a thank you card and 1,000 "Be Our Guest" vouchers, gifted by the company.

"Knowing he's a community-minded person that he is, he'll probably be handing them out to maybe some schools, or you know, people in the community," Unit Marketing director for Chick-fil-A Mid-County and Groves Becky Tschrihart told KHOU 11. 

In addition to loving the food, Stinson said it’s the restaurant’s excellent customer service why he loves Chick-fil-A so much. "At home, I put in the order in the app they were dining, and I have an order already here when I walk in, come sit at the table on the table number," James Stinson said.

Even when he’s out of town, he makes sure to have a restaurant within driving distance of where he’s going. "Anytime I travel there's gotta be a Chick-fil-A. Every time I go to Florida, we stop in Spanish Oaks," Stinson told KHOU 11. According to the news outlet, Stinson once drove 40 extra miles just to get his chicken quota.

Stinson told KHOU 11 that now that the milestone was reached he’ll scale back on the visits to the restaurant, trying to stop by two or three times a week. "There’s just a different atmosphere here at Chick-fil-A versus McDonald's or Whataburger," James Stinson said.