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Texas Designer Stands Out with Mid-Century Modern Style

That rustic ranch aesthetic not your thing? Claire Cavalieri is bringing her mid-century modern (MCM) interior design to the table.
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Modernism, elegance, functionality. These are the traits of the mid-century modern (MCM) style of interior design.

This style started as something of a rebellion against ornamentation. It was typical of home decor in the 1800s. It evolved into an aesthetic that has steadily made a resurgence in the last decade (as timeless styles tend to do). 

Vintage upscale curators and interior design enthusiasts are proud to tag their inspiring design and furniture finds with those three little letters: “MCM.” 

It’s all about simplicity, with a wink to how the past dreamed that the future might look. It’s all about convention meeting innovation in open areas, with form following function to fill up spaces with distinct, sustainable purpose. Bold color and natural textures underscore the MCM model, with a tie of sophisticated ubiquity. Yet there’s a certain understated whimsy, reminiscent of a set on the show “Mad Men.”

A Cavalieri-designed space epitomizing the mid-century modern (MCM) interior design style.
A Cavalieri-designed space epitomizing the mid-century modern (MCM) interior design style.

Who is Claire Cavalieri?

Claire Cavalieri, of Cavalieri Designs, is the only designer in Dallas who creates her design concepts in the authentic mid-century modern style she loves. She delivers one-of-a-kind modernist furnishings with timeless sophistication.  

Claire started as an entrepreneur in the interior design business during the 1990s, just as the mid-century modern movement was poised for a resurgence in the coming decade. 

Claire noticed a distinct lack of modernist homes that she had grown up loving when she moved to Dallas. After custom-building her own modern-style house in Plano, she also built her footing from there as a unique authority on the MCM aesthetic in the Dallas area. 

“I was so depressed when I moved to Dallas in the mid-80s because there were no modern homes,” Claire says. “Everything was so traditional. I had only lived in modern-style houses. So I decided to design and build a modern home. It took several years to find a development that would allow our style to be built.”

Claire Cavalieri of CAVALIERI DESIGNS specializes in the mid-century modern (MCM) style of interior design.
Claire Cavalieri of CAVALIERI DESIGNS specializes in the mid-century modern (MCM) style of interior design.

Claire also has a 15-year background as a successful Realtor, an industry she entered to care for her children as a single mother. Yet her passion for interior design never stifled during that period. The longing to return to her passion spilled out in meticulously staging houses and in reading blueprints critically. She could interpret exactly what was happening at any property’s construction site. She constantly assessed a home’s value in relation to a potential buyer’s needs. 

Claire soon left the real estate and returned to the interior design scene. Her market-centered perspective rounds out her approach to design, in both the artistic sense and the business sense.

Refreshing design. Bold venture.

Cavalieri Designs was born from years of experience and varied expertise under Ms. Cavalieri’s belt: art and design of modern interiors, real estate construction and sales, entrepreneurship and customer service.

If you are seeking a creative designer with a modernist flair, and someone who will reflect your individuality, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more tailored fit than Claire Cavalieri. 

Whether it’s working around a client’s assortment of beloved items in their living room, or making a clean-slate by remodeling a dining room, Claire looks from all angles to unify, enhance and streamline your space. She modernizes the traditional, yet not at the expense of either. 

Cavalieri Designs offers design consulting on room decor, and on new home construction projects in the modernist style.

For a complimentary initial Zoom or phone consultation, contact Cavalieri Designs. | [email protected] | 214.206.5515