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Five Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for Him or Her

It’s the week of Valentine’s Day and you have nothing planned for the apple of your eye. These special holidays always seem to sneak up on us, especially V-Day. It’s ok, we’ve got your back.
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It’s the week of Valentine’s Day and you have nothing planned for the apple of your eye. These special holidays always seem to sneak up on us, especially V-Day. It’s ok, we’ve got your back.

If you consider February 14 as a day for celebration, then you most likely have a plan to get your significant other a grateful gift. We’ve pulled together five easy, last-minute gift ideas sure to blow away the Miss or Mr. in your life. Whether you are an online or in-person shopper, a creative or a chef, we have compiled a list for all types.

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1. Concert in 2016

Jam out because you’re in love! Every person has a handful of favorite bands or artists who are top picks for playlists and at the top of bucket lists. Search for tour dates of your loved one’s favorites and one is bound to head to your area in 2016, and if not, make a destination vacation out of it. The great thing about concerts is that tickets can be purchased online and it doesn’t matter if it’s months away—it just makes the date something to look forward to!

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2. Heart-shaped pizza

Go all out and be cheesy! Let’s be honest, everyone likes pizza. Give your sweet pea a break from the kitchen and dining out. Make a homemade pizza pie, in the shape of a heart of course, with their must-have toppings. You’re sure to please any foodie’s heart and appetite. How Sweet It Is will help you bake a great pepperoni pizza; add or change ingredients as you see fit.

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3. 12 months of date nights

Looking for something that will last longer? Make an adorable pre-planned date night book for your sweetheart. Visit The Thinking Closet for tips and a how-to, including free printables. This is extremely easy to customize, making it a wonderful option for those hard-to-gift people.

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4. Smell goods

No matter how many colognes or perfumes your babe has, another is always welcome to the collection. Smelling good is the way to be and it’s time to switch it up to the best of 2016. We searched around, and our favorite “best” lists for women and men come from Brostrick. They make it convenient too, with prices listed and access to purchase the product at the click of a button. Just remember to get express delivery. Or, if you’d like to smell them yourself, write down the brand and name and head to a store nearby.

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5. At-home spa day

Couples massages are expensive and most likely already completely booked for this occasion. Instead, create your own spa in the comforts of your home. Make it a romantic, relaxing day. Light candles, and get out massage oils, face masks and and maybe even buy a cucumber to relax the eyes. Tip: don’t ask for a massage in return.

Now you’re ready to celebrate your love! We hope these five quick and easy gift ideas have lowered your anxiety and increased your excitement for February 14. It’s Sunday—don’t forget!