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$3 Taco Deal At Chido Every Monday In November

The discount includes BBQ pulled pork tacos

What’s better than tacos? A great deal. This November, Chido Taco Lounge is offering $3 tacos every Monday. 

Where: 6959 Lebanon Road, Frisco, TX
When: Every Monday in November 2023
The Deal: $3 BBQ pulled pork tacos

Chido Taco Lounge is introducing an exciting new special that will have you savoring the delectable BBQ pulled pork tacos. These mouthwatering tacos are the star of Mondays throughout November and the best part? They're just $3 each. Your Monday dinner plans are now set! 

These tacos are filled with succulent braised BBQ pork, crunchy cole slaw, zesty BBQ sauce and tangy pickled red onions, all snugly nestled in a warm tortilla. The combination of flavors is a true delight, with the cole slaw and pickled onions perfectly complementing the savory pork and rich sauce.

And while you're at Chido, why not explore their diverse taco menu, ranging from classic street tacos to options like Buffalo Shrimp and Korean BBQ? Pair your tacos with a refreshing ice-cold beer or a freshly made Margarita for a complete dining experience. 

If tacos aren’t your thing, Chido Taco Lounge offers a range of delectable entrees such as birria ramen, fajitas, flautas and much more. 

Crafted by the innovative chef from Frisco Supper Club and tequila enthusiast Blaine McGowan, the restaurant stands as a premier destination for the finest tequilas available in North Texas.

For more information, or to check out the full menu, visit