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Jeremiah's Italian Ice Offers $0.96 Leap Day Deal

Get a frozen treat this Leap Day

This February, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is celebrating with a Leap Back campaign, commemorating its three-decade journey by treating its patrons to discounted treats. 

When: Feb. 29, 2024
Where: All Jeremiah’s Italian Ice locations
The Deal: $0.96 treat

The Leap Back campaign offers a month of exclusive promotions for J-List loyalty members, ending in a Leap Day bash. On this special day, J-List members can enjoy throwback pricing of $0.96 treats to honor the brand's inception in 1996, another Leap Year.

“This new campaign is an opportunity to share with even more people what sets Jeremiah’s Italian Ice apart: our commitment to providing our guests with a fresh, delicious treat experience served alongside five-star customer service that lights up their day,” said Michael Keller, CEO of Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. “In a year when we gain a day, we’re taking Leap Day to take a look back at where Jeremiah’s has sprung forth from. Leap by leap, we’ve shared countless moments of joy with our guests through the years and now we’re celebrating in our communities with some froggy fun.”

Throughout the entirety of February, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice welcomes guests into their stores with enticing promotions and exclusive offers. Leap Back promotions will be available for all members of the brand’s J-List rewards program. During the month, J-List members can anticipate two unique promotions each week, each aligned with a distinct theme celebrating a leap year in Jeremiah’s Italian Ice history. As we journey back to 1996 for a Leap Day special, members can indulge in an exclusive $0.96 treat deal.

In addition to the deal, guests will have the chance to win retro swag packs or the grand prize: a ‘Sweet’-Stakes VIP Getaway that will fly one J-List member and their guest to Orlando, FL, to get a behind-the-scenes experience, wherein they’ll get a peek at the magic behind Jeremiah’s Italian Ice.

Sign up for the free J-List rewards here to access the special promotions.  

This article was originally published on Jan. 31, 2024. 

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