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95,000 Texans Honored On COVID-19 Heroes And Memorial Day in Texas

Colleagues unite to pay tribute to frontline heroes and remember lives lost

In a solemn yet uplifting gesture, colleagues from Medical City Healthcare hospitals across North Texas gathered at their respective medical centers on March 4 to mark the state's inaugural COVID-19 Heroes and Memorial Day. This day of remembrance, sanctified by State House Bill 2166, pays homage to the fortitude and sacrifice of healthcare workers, first responders and essential personnel who valiantly served amidst the pandemic's relentless onslaught.

March 4, a date etched in history as the onset of Texas' COVID-19 chronicles in 2020, is now a poignant reminder of resilience and loss. 

“On this recognition day, it’s important to pause and memorialize the critical work and personal sacrifices our healthcare heroes have made in the ongoing battle against COVID-19,” says Allen Harrison, president of Medical City Healthcare in an official statement. “From the bedside to our vital support staff, we are incredibly proud of our dedicated colleagues who showed up day after day to care for our community. And, we honor those who lost their lives to this terrible virus.”

The observance events held across Medical City Healthcare hospitals underscored a collective tribute to the 95,000 Texans who succumbed to COVID-19. Colleagues gathered heads bowed in prayer to honor frontline healthcare workers and all those who navigated the pandemic's tumult with unwavering courage.

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