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Charged With Reckless Driving, Arrest Warrant Issued For Cowboys Player Sam Williams

Plano Police asked Williams to turn himself in
Photo: Ken Durden | Shutterstock

An arrest warrant was issued for Dallas Cowboys player Sam Williams for his alleged role in a violent car crash in December 2022. The player has been charged with reckless driving by Plano Police.

On Dec. 22, Williams crashed his corvette into an Infiniti attempting to cross in front of him while driving south on Preston Road. The incident was less than five miles from the Cowboys’ headquarters in Frisco, according to the New York Post.  

Williams and the other driver were not seriously injured in the crash, but were both taken to the hospital for precaution. Williams suffered from a concussion, minor neck injuries and was left with multiple cuts and bruises on his face. The player missed one game against the Philidelphia Eagles following the wreck.

The Plano Police Department told Local Profile the misdemeanor warrant is for reckless driving. 

Officers will not arrest Williams. Instead, the Plano Police Department will give the rookie an opportunity to turn himself in. According to Public Information Officer Jennifer Chapman, it has not been announced whether Williams has turned himself in.

“As of yesterday the warrant was still active,” Chapman told Local Profile. “There is no plan to find and arrest him.'' But if police have another run-in with Williams before he turns himself in he will be arrested and charged. 

According to TMZ Sports, Williams addressed the crash with reporters a few days after the incident and said he was "thankful" to still be alive.

"You're looking at the [totaled] car like, man, but God works in mysterious ways," he told reporters. "I know He has something in store for me."Williams has been a stand-out player this year and has shown potential for his future with the NFL. The player recorded four sacks and three fumble recoveries during the season.