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Collin County’s Population Could Double By 2060

The population is expected to exceed 2.4 million

The population of Collin County is anticipated to double by the year 2060 with around 2.4 million people calling the county home. 

According to Texas Demographic Center projections (via The Dallas Morning News), since 2020 Anna experienced a 52% increase, Celina 97%, Melissa 51%, Princeton 55% and Van Alstyne 51%. The data showed that by 2060, Collin County will be home to 2,438,008 people, versus the 1,168,395 expected by 2024. 

Local Profile previously reported North Texas is the fastest-growing region in the country, bringing in more residents, more businesses and more money. Population estimates show that Collin County saw the largest population growth out of all seven counties in North Texas from 2016 to 2021. 

The analysis determined that the county's population surged by more than 100,000 individuals between 2016 and 2021. In comparison, the adjacent Denton County experienced the second-highest population growth, with an uptick of nearly 79,000 people — a variance of over 20,000 individuals within the same timeframe.

In percentage growth, Collin County ranked mid-range with a population increase of 10.67%. Kaufman County, on the other hand, exhibited the most substantial percentage rise, nearly doubling Collin County at 18.42%. Dallas County recorded the lowest percentage increase by a considerable margin, with a mere 1.15%, equating to an upturn of only around 30,000 individuals over the five-year period.

This year, Collin County’s ballot included a $683 million bond package to help with the massive population increase. Collin County voters approved the five-proposition bond, which focused on improvements throughout the county.

Proposition A will allot $281 million for justice facility projects, while Propositions B and C will include $5.7 million for Collin County’s animal shelter and $13.3 million for a new medical examiner’s office. Proposition D, which focuses on parks and open spaces, is the second-largest allocation in the bond package, exceeding $22 million out of the total $683 million. Proposition E is one of the most substantial proposals, which will fund a range of highway projects. This includes the completion of the contentious Collin County Highway 380 expansion, with a total budget allocation of around $380 million.