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DFW Airport TSA Officers Saw Almost One Gun Per Day In 2022

The rate continues to climb every year
Photo: Arina P Habich | Shutterstock

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced that its security screening officers at the DFW airport found the second highest rate of guns found on passengers and their carry-on bags. 

According to a release by TSA, more than 1,300 guns were found throughout Texas airports in 2022, more than 20% of airports across the U.S. But DFW TSA security officers saw almost one per day, making it the second highest in the nation, behind Atlanta. 

TSA explained that every year the amount of firearms found in carry-on bags raises. DFW found 385 guns, behind the 448 detected at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Houston Intercontinental also ranked third with 298, Austin Bergstrom International Airport ranked eighth with 150 and Dallas Love Field TSA security officers found 127 guns.

“Every one of these firearms was discovered during the routine X-ray screening of carry-on property at the security checkpoint,” a statement read. “Nationwide last year, TSA officers found 6,542 firearms at 262 different airports.”

According to The Dallas Morning News, Texas alone was responsible for more than half of the nationwide increase from 2021 to 2022.

“We do continuously update and work toward improving our technology. However, we also see a higher number of travelers with guns,” TSA spokesperson Patricia Mancha told The Dallas Morning News. “The liberal gun laws that have been implemented in many states have also led to more travelers bringing firearms to airports.”

The TSA report showed that in 2022, TSA screened approximately 761 million passengers and crew at airports nationwide. The TSA officers across the country discovered firearms in carry-on luggage at a rate of 8.6 firearms per million passengers screened. 

“TSA detected one firearm for every 116,394 travelers screened,” the statement said.

During the check-in process at the airport, passengers must to go to the airline ticket counter to declare the firearm, ammunition and any firearm parts. Prior to traveling, passengers are encouraged to check gun laws and regulations at their destination to ensure they are in compliance with local and state laws. TSA also recommends travelers check with their airline prior to their flight to ensure they comply with any airline-specific requirements.