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DFW Sees Earliest Snowfall Ever Recorded

There hasn’t been snow reported this early into fall until now
Photo: Bychykhin Olexandr | Shutterstock

On November 18, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport received trace amounts of snow. This is the earliest snowfall recorded in DFW history. 

If you saw some flurries of snow on Friday, you weren’t imagining it. Trace amounts of snow were recorded at DFW Airport. Despite the small amount that fell, records were still broken in North Texas.  

According to KRLD, checking record books back to 1898, there wasn’t any snow reported as early as November 18. The Fort Worth-based National Weather Service documented the record snowfall in the daily climate summary report on Friday.

But don’t get your snow boots and sleds out quite yet. The snowfall was not even enough to measure, but because the flurries stuck, the new record still stands. The last snowfall recorded this early into the fall season was 92 years ago on November 19, 1930. 

But North Texas has broken some impressive snow related records before. The most snow ever recorded in DFW was on February 11, 2010, with just over 11 inches, essentially closing down North Texas entirely. It was reported that many parts of the DFW area saw over 15 inches of snow. Thankfully, that much snow is not expected this year, but quite a few chilly days are to be ahead.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this winter in North Texas will be colder than normal, and the coldest periods will be in early to mid-January and early to mid-February. Precipitation is expected to be below average, but snowfall will be above average in the North Texas region. The best chance for snow is in mid-to-late January and early February.

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