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Heyday Offers Accessible Self-Care For All Skin Types

The Legacy West shop offers premium facials and skincare products

“Heyday is taking the facial out of the spa,” Heyday esthetician Karina tells me. “It’s perfect for a lunchtime refresh and have your skin glowing the rest of the day.” 

Walking into Heyday in Legacy West on a chilly, misty Wednesday afternoon, the building is warm and smells of lavender and tea tree oils. Instantly I’m greeted by the many bottles of product — it’s almost overwhelming. But upon a closer look, each is labeled with a key to its use. Whether you’ve got dry or oily skin, acne issues or simply want something that can be used easily every day, they have you covered. 

The highly curated retail section offers brands such as Dr. Loretta, Ursa Major, Tata Harper, Image Skincare, Osea, Supergoop, Moon Juice and more — something for every kind of budget. Each esthetician is also there to help find your perfect match. 

The basic facial is only 50 minutes. But if your skin needs a little more help, add-ons are available. Heyday focuses on customized skincare treatments, personalized by needs and goals. 

Karina begins by assessing my skin and recommends three add-ons for my facial, which mainly focussed on hydration and moisturizing (winter is harsh for many skin types). The creams, balms and exfoliants are all hand-selected to best fit me — many of which are sold at the front of the shop. 

While setting each treatment with a hot towel, Karina and I chat about how to best protect my skin and prevent issues as I age.

“No one wants to look old,” Karina laughs. “It’s better to protect your skin now and not have to spend a ton of money on surgery or Botox.”

Of course, the facial isn’t complete until a healthy dose of sunscreen is applied, something that Karina reminds me should be done every day. Before leaving the shop, she shows me each product she uses and explains how they can be added to my daily life. 

If you are interested in booking a facial or are looking to buy skincare products visit