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Long-Delayed Music Street Frisco Project Shows Signs Of Life

Developers visited the city but gave no firm commitments on timing
Photo: Music Street Frisco

For several years now, Frisco residents have been anxiously awaiting Music Street Frisco. But after multiple delays, no new date was put in place for a potential opening. 

Situated at Frisco North Platinum Corridor, Music Street Frisco is set to open on the east of the Dallas North Tollway. However, the project encountered delays.

On June 5, 2023 during a town hall, Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney received several questions regarding the project. But he assured residents that the city is still committed to bringing the entertainment venue to the Frisco.

“That project certainly got slowed down as a result of COVID,” Cheney said. “A lot of venues like that kind of took a hit. They have been coming back to the city here in recent months about looking for plans to start that project up. We haven’t heard any firm commitments about when that will start, but hearing from their side, they’re hopeful to start that up soon.”

As previously reported by Local Profile, Frisco's ambition to establish itself as a prominent music destination is not merely a fleeting idea but a longstanding goal backed by concrete actions. In 2019, Mayor Cheney played a pivotal role in the groundbreaking ceremony for Music Street Frisco, an expansive 6.7-acre entertainment complex. 

"Are you ready for more live music in Frisco?" Mayor Jeff Cheney previously asked on Facebook, emphasizing the city council's commitment to making Frisco a thriving hub for live music, it is a Music Friendly Community after all. 

On April 26, 2022, a spokesperson for Consortium Firm International, the group behind the venture, told Local Profile construction was underway and moving along at a “rapid pace.” During the same month, September 2023 was listed as the new opening date. 

The official website for the complex still shows September 2023 as the opening date for the project. However, more than a year has passed since an update was given. 

The complex, designed by Charles Hodges in collaboration with Nashville music concert engineers, encompasses indoor and outdoor performance centers. These venues are expected to boast cutting-edge sound systems capable of delivering studio-quality recordings. Live performances could also be broadcasted and streamed, ensuring that even those unable to attend in person can still savor the experience from the comfort of their homes.

The indoor section of Music Street Frisco spans 52,044 square feet with two stories. One of the highlights is a two-level theater featuring a grand 65-foot cinema screen, perfect for hosting movie premieres, film festivals and E-gaming tournaments. The theater will also offer sky boxes with beverage service, providing a luxurious VIP experience for guests to interact with the artists. 

Beyond the theater, the indoor area will house a fully-equipped bar, complete with personal wine lockers for patrons. Conference areas will also be available for private events and functions. 

Local Profile reached out to Music Street Frisco but did not receive a response prior to publishing.