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McKinney Rep. To Parachute Into France For D-Day Anniversary

Keith Self completed a comparable jump in Normandy in 1993

U.S. Representative Keith Self will parachute into France on June 8, 2024, in honor of the 80th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. 

According to Roll Call, over a dozen senators are set to journey to France, with Speaker Mike Johnson going as far as canceling House votes on Thursday to facilitate the trip for members of his chamber. However, only a chosen few will take the plunge over Mont Saint-Michel on Friday — the group comprises Democratic Rep. Jason Crow, a retired Army Ranger, and Republican Reps. Mark Green, Dan Crenshaw, Rich McCormick, Derrick Van Orden, Keith Self, Darrell Issa, Ronny Jackson and Cory Mills.

During the days surrounding the June 6 anniversary, reenactors, veterans and active-duty military members will recreate the historic aerial invasion of Normandy — some aged between 96 and 107, are anticipated to join the commemorative events in France. 

The total time to descend to the ground from the military transport planes, commonly used by Allied forces in World War II, is just over a minute — far faster than a modern parachute drop. 

Later this week, a congressional delegation will travel to France for a multi-day commemoration. They will tour the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, the final resting place for many of the approximately 2,500 Americans who died during the D-Day assault. 

Additionally, they will honor the remaining living veterans who served in World War II. This invasion, which launched the offensive to reclaim control from the Nazis, marked a pivotal moment in the war's trajectory.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Self conducted a comparable jump in Normandy back in 1993. This week's festivities could mark the final significant gathering of veterans who took part in the momentous June 6, 1944, landing, a pivotal event in World War II. Today, approximately 100,000 of the 16.4 million Americans who served in World War II are still alive.

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