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Mother And Children Shot At On Sam Rayburn Tollway

Allen police believe the incident was isolated
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Investigators with the Allen Police Department are looking for a gunman after a Texas mother said someone shot at her twice while traveling with her four children on the Sam Rayburn Tollway on Feb. 18.

Single mother of four, Brittany Gay, said she was driving home on Feb. 18, 2023 at around 8:45 p.m. on Sam Rayburn Tollway when she passed a dark grey SUV. The driver then sped up to Gay and allegedly pulled down a ski mask before firing a gun at Gay’s back windows. 

“I turned and looked forward praying he wasn’t going to harm my babies and I heard “pop pop” then glass shattered all over my babies in the back seat,” Gay said in a GoFundMe statement. “My 5-year-old was asleep against the window where he/she barely missed my baby's head.” 

The four children and Gay were not struck, but the five-year-old child suffered from a ruptured eardrum. The mother told WFAA she had no idea why she was targeted, saying she doesn't think she did anything on the highway to spark the shooting. 

"I was in my lane minding my own business, and I noticed that he was slowly creeping up beside my car," Gay said. "I saw him rolling down his window, and he started pulling down what looked like a ski mask over his face. Then I started hearing gunshots, and my window shattered and started flying all over the kids." 

An Allen Public Information Officer told Local Profile they are still investigating. Gay explained that if it was a random act of violence, this person could strike again. But Allen Police told Local Profile they believe this was an isolated incident and residents should not panic. 

The mother set up a  GoFundMe page in order to get assistance with vehicle repairs, as well as counseling for the children.