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North Texas School Board Approves Policy For Staff Carrying Guns

"I do not want this program, period," one Keller ISD parent said
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The Keller ISD school board approved a policy on Monday that will allow teachers and staff to carry concealed firearms on school campuses.

According to WFAA, the board voted 4-3 to approve Texas’ “guardian” program, which would allow teachers and other staff to carry firearms. Staff "guardians" would do so voluntarily and have to complete firearm training and meet other requirements. But there was disapproval from parents and board members. 

HR Specialist and parent Michele Smith told Local Profile that a survey was sent to parents sometime last month regarding the implementation. According to WFAA 1,181 people responded to the survey and 580 of that total came from faculty members. 

School board trustee Ruthie Keyes said a majority of the survey results from parents and teachers were in opposition to the guardian program.

"When you have 848 who say no and 60 that say yes, I think that speaks loudly," Keyes said during the meeting.

The program goal is to have a faster response to active shooter scenarios and armed teachers would be the first to respond. During the public comment section of the meeting, many parents, current students and former teachers spoke about the program. 

Several showed their support, but many were opposed to the idea of arming teachers. 

"I do not want this program, period," one parent said. "There is no way I would feel safe sending my kid to school knowing a teacher is packing, no matter how well-trained. Why haven’t we seen details about how this program works?"

The school has not yet sent any information on how the implementation of the program would proceed, but an email will be sent to parents and staff once a plan is in place. 

“Because it happened so late we don’t have a lot of information,” Smith told Local Profile. “A following email will probably be sent this afternoon.” Local Profile will update this story pending information from the district. 

The board passed the policy 4-3 with an amendment to remove all mentions of weapons contractors within it.