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Over $8,000 In Merchandise Apprehended By Plano Police

Police arrested 10 individuals during a 9-hour operation

Detectives from Plano Police Department’s General Property Crimes and Juvenile Crimes Unit coordinated a theft deterrence operation consisting of 14 officers from various units, arresting 10 offenders. 

On Nov. 20, 2023, a collaborative 9-hour effort involving various law enforcement units marked a significant operational success. The General Crimes Unit and Juvenile Crimes Unit, under the guidance of their respective sergeants, joined forces with officers from the Neighborhood Police Officer Unit and patrol officers. 

According to Plano Police, detectives collaborated with loss prevention associates from various businesses situated along the U.S. 75 corridor, including supermarkets, department stores and home improvement stores, in a targeted effort referred to as a “blitz.” Over the past year, these detectives orchestrated a dozen such blitz operations, consistently resulting in numerous arrests. The latest operation on Nov. 20, culminated a total of ten arrests and the recovery of $8,466.55 worth of stolen merchandise. 

Plano Police Public Information Officer Jennifer Chapman told Local Profile there were 8 different incidents in which police made the arrests. According to Chapman the stores in which the incidents occurred were Home Depot, Burlington, Walmart and Target. Items apprehended by police primarily include tools and clothing.  

Among the apprehended individuals, some were identified as habitual offenders known for stealing merchandise valued in the thousands of dollars. One suspect taken into custody was discovered with approximately $5,000 worth of merchandise in their vehicle. In a separate arrest, two of the individuals were found in possession of counterfeit $20 bills amounting to over $1,500.

“These operations show the dedication our detectives have in catching these habitual offenders,” a statement from the Plano Police Department said. “It also demonstrates the outstanding cooperation between the detectives, officers and loss prevention associates in order to actually apprehend these criminals and ultimately deter them from committing these crimes here in Plano.”

The ten apprehended individuals faced a range of charges, encompassing outstanding warrants, felony and misdemeanor theft offenses, possession of controlled substances, possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal trespass and forgery. Given the discovery of counterfeit money, the Secret Service was notified, potentially leading to additional pending charges in the future.