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Plano Police Department Hires 10 New Recruits

The recruits will engage in a 32-week training course, followed by 18 weeks of field training

This week, the Plano Police Department announced that it hired 10 recruits who will serve as officers in the near future.

Following the successful completion of the officer employment process, the new recruits will now report to police academy, where they will engage in a 32-week training course, followed by 18 weeks of field training.

With the hiring of the newest recruits, the Plano Police Department said that that brings the total number of employees to 425 — with the maximum amount of positions available being 428.

“We are confident that these new recruits will prove themselves worthy of serving the citizens of Plano," the Plano Police Department said in a statement. "We wish them well in their training and future endeavors,” said the Plano Police Department in a statement.

By bringing in new officers, the Plano Police Department said that it aims to “ensure that the citizens of Plano are protected by the best of the best each and every day.” 

The recent hirings were made possible courtesy of additional funding that was allocated towards the Plano Police Department by city council.

"We would also like to give a special acknowledgment to the recruiting officers and background investigators who work tirelessly all year round to provide us with highly qualified candidates," the department said. "Their unparalleled dedication and efforts are greatly appreciated by the entire police department." 

To learn more about the Plano Police Department or to apply visit the link here