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Plano, Texas Unveils First All-Electric Trash Truck

The truck is expected to save money while being more environmentally friendly

Plano marked a significant milestone as it pioneered the use of an all-electric trash collection truck, a first in North Texas. The city unveiled the groundbreaking vehicle during a press conference at 10:00 a.m. on April 25, at the Parkway Service Center.

The innovative truck boasts the capability to serve 1,100 homes on just a single charge, demonstrating its efficiency. Not only does it align with the city’s environmental objectives by eliminating emissions, but it also slashes operational costs typically associated with fuel and maintenance.

By incorporating this state-of-the-art truck into the city’s fleet, alongside the existing 22 "clean fleet" vehicles, Plano underscores its commitment to environmental stewardship. 

Throughout the years, Plano has worked to promote greener energy use and urges residents to do the same. The city also made diverting waste from landfills a top priority through recycling and composting initiatives. Back in 1999, when the Plano City Council set a 40% citywide diversion goal, the recycling diversion rate stood at just 5%. However, by the close of 2013, the city exceeded expectations, recycling over 37% of all waste — surpassing both state and national averages.

This increase is largely attributed to various outreach and educational programs spearheaded by the city, aimed at encouraging citizens to recycle. Programs like the Minimal Waste Program and Litter Cleanup Days have played pivotal roles in this endeavor. 

The new trash truck, introduced by the city, will further the green initiatives. The electric garbage trucks offer multiple environmental benefits: they produce zero greenhouse gases and air pollution since they lack tailpipe emissions. Moreover, the predictability of garbage routes enhances the efficiency of charging these trucks. Compared to traditional combustion engines, EV garbage trucks operate at 50% lower noise levels, contributing to quieter urban environments.

According to Amp Control, the price of an electric garbage truck typically ranges from $500,000 to $600,000, nearly double that of a fuel-powered counterpart, despite having a similar carrying capacity. However, this higher initial investment can be justified by significantly lower operating and maintenance costs, as well as the absence of fuel expenses. Consequently, in the long term, electric garbage trucks emerge as the most cost-effective choice. 

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