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Prosper Police Department Launches Collaborative Safety Initiative

The program allows residents to register their security cameras, providing authorities access to video evidence used for investigations

The Prosper Police Department (PPD) recently launched a new initiative aimed at enhancing community safety through collaboration between law enforcement and town residents.

Through a strategic collaboration with the Flock Safety Program, residents of the Prosper community can now play an active role in supporting law enforcement efforts. Through participation in the Prosper C.A.T.C.H. Program, individuals can register their security cameras. This initiative empowers the PPD to quickly access relevant video evidence for ongoing criminal investigations. By simplifying the process, the program enables swift access to vital information, accelerating suspect apprehension and case resolution.

“The Prosper Police Department is excited to offer a new way for citizens to contribute to the reduction of crime in Prosper through the use of technology and the Prosper Criminal Apprehension Through Community Help (C.A.T.C.H.) program,” said PPD Chief Doug Kowalski. “With your assistance, we can continue to make Prosper the best place in Texas to Live, Work and Visit."

Three Ways to Get Involved:
• Register Your Camera: Visit the provided link to add your security cameras to the Prosper C.A.T.C.H. Program registry, enabling law enforcement to efficiently locate and request relevant footage during criminal investigations.
• Integrate Your Cameras: Businesses and residents can take community security one step further by giving the Prosper Police Department and first responders direct access to your camera feed in case of a nearby emergency.
• Purchase Cameras: Businesses and residents can purchase a camera directly integrating with Prosper Police Department and first responders. 

If residents choose to participate in the program the police department will handle the installation.

To learn more about the Prosper C.A.T.C.H. Program, or to register your camera, visit the town of Proper website.

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