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No, A Satanic Hotel Is Not Opening In Plano, Texas

The Baphomet statues were made using AI
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Photo: paseven | Shutterstock

Baphomet bedside buddies, upside down crosses, spewing Satan sinks and a devilish welcome, one Facebook user claimed a satanic hotel would soon be opening in Plano, Texas. But don’t pull out the rosaries and holy water yet, the hotel is not actually real.

On Feb. 23, a Facebook user claimed that a satanic hotel was supposedly opening in an abandoned office building in the heart of the Downtown Plano Art District.

The post showed a handful of painted pentacles on walls, demonic bedside statues, Satan's mouth bathroom sinks and a fiery cross that lights up the pool. 

But the Baphomet-themed hotel won’t be coming anywhere near Plano. The images were created using an AI art platform. According to The Buzz, an Instagram account posted photos showing how AI art can be made using a specific algorithm. In this case, a satanically-spooky hotel.

The trolling Facebook post claimed that the “hotel” would open on June 6th at 6 p.m. (yes, 666). Surprisingly most commenters on the social media post were not too upset about the prospect of the sinful hotel but instead shared their excitement to visit. 

If you are curious about what a satanic hotel would even look like check out the original artist's work here

"The city encourages visitors to Plano to explore lodging options on the Visit Plano website," the city of Plano responded to Local Profile's inquiry about the hotel.

If you’re disappointed the spooky hotel is a fake, the Satanic Temple of Dallas-Fort Worth is very real and operating.

Despite the hotel being nothing but art, North Texas does have a history with a terrifying dark side. Ranch 111 was reportedly an abandoned Scout camp. Today, it’s home to a subdivision of homes, Firewheel Golf Course and One-Eleven Park in Garland. Residents claim devil worship, human sacrifice, animal mutilation, witches’ covens and more occurred on the land. It is even said that satanic cults that would kidnap your kids for their fiendish rituals.