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Several North Texas Cities Hit By Water Bill Scam

The scammer asks residents to pay a bill through third-party sites

Several cities throughout North Texas are issuing alerts to residents and businesses regarding a fraudulent scheme concerning water utility charges.

The Lewisville Police Department said hotels in Lewisville reported receiving phone calls where the caller states they are with the city of Lewisville and instructs them to pay a large sum of money for a water bill. According to WFAA, one hotel fell victim to the scam and paid the person.

“During the conversation, they were sent a link to an online cash app payment place that when you open the link, it showed the city of Lewisville logo as the icon, and then an amount of $8,500 was requested to prevent the water from being shut off,” city of Lewisville Spokesperson Matt Martucci said. 

Lewisville police shared the warning on Facebook, reminding residents that the city will never attempt to obtain money through cash, Zelle, cash app, Apple Pay, Google Pay or gift cards.

Dallas Water Utilities also advised residents of a similar scam. According to its page, customers are receiving scam calls and text messages indicating their water utility account is being disconnected. Caller ID lists the number as (214) 651-1441. 

“Customers should not give any information in response to these communications. Dallas Water Utilities does not call or text customers before service disconnections,” the department said. Disconnection notices are only sent by postal mail. As a security measure and to protect the customer's personal financial data, DWU does not take payments over the phone with a live person.”

The city of Irving is also cautioning local businesses about a similar phone scam, where callers are requesting payments via Zelle to purportedly prevent water service disconnection.

If you believe you have been targeted by one of these scams, report it to local authorities and do not make any payments that seem suspicious.