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SNAP Benefits To Reduce $95 Or More A Month

North Texas food banks are expecting a surge in need
Photo: Jonathan Weiss | Shutterstock

The pandemic-era SNAP benefits expire on March 1, 2023, with a $95 a month or more reduction in benefits. Approximately 3.6 million Texans will see a cutback in their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Every SNAP household will experience a minimum reduction of $95 in their monthly benefit amount, with some households experiencing a much higher cut. Texas will experience a roughly $340 million decrease in benefits from February to March. 

According to WFAA, Raymonda Reed, a single mother of four children, relies on SNAP benefits to feed her children. She is also in the culinary training program at the Tarrant Area Food Bank, which serves more than 100,000 families who rely on SNAP benefits. 

"It’s gonna impact us a lot," Reed told WFAA. "It's very hard, and I’m concerned about it right now."

​​The North Texas Food Bank estimates that families in the 13 counties they serve will see a collective loss of up to $48 million a month in benefits.

"Although food banks cannot make up for a loss of this magnitude, we will do everything we can to prepare families for the decrease in benefits, alert them to emergency food resources in their communities, and connect them to other services to help them meet their basic needs," Senior Manager of Communications Jeff Smith told Local Profile. "The North Texas Food Bank has been planning for the end in emergency benefits and is communicating with our more than 400 Feeding Partners across our 13-county service area to support their efforts in managing the loss of the emergency allotment benefits with the neighbors they serve."

According to Feeding Texas, there are steps families can take to maximize their SNAP benefits. Deductions can be used to increase the number of SNAP benefits given — disabilities, child support, shelter costs and more are accepted.

Texans can also use their SNAP EBT Card to get more fruits and vegetables with Double Up Food Bucks. Double Up Bucks matches SNAP benefits $1 for $1 at participating farmers’ markets, farm stands, mobile markets and grocery stores across Texas. Because the program doubles the purchasing power of SNAP, Double Up Bucks helps households stretch their SNAP benefits. 

If you are a SNAP participant, you can find out what your regular monthly benefit amount will be by logging in to your account on or the mobile app and going to Case Details, or by calling 2-1-1, Option 2.