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Are you Man Enough to Be a Girl Scout?

Volunteer for Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas and make a difference
Photo courtesy of Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas

In a world seeking positive influences and strong role models, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas invites you to step up and make a difference. Now is the perfect time to become a Girl Scout volunteer and join a community dedicated to nurturing and empowering young girls.

Volunteering with your daughter is a wonderful way to help her pursue her interests and support other girls in your community. It's about being there for them, encouraging them to chase their dreams, and building their confidence. You'll become the one who listens, the one who inspires, and the one who creates laughter. Your presence can help every girl feel valued and celebrated.

The journey begins with you at the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, but we're here to help you every step of the way! Our volunteer resources are packed with the training and tools you need to help your Girl Scouts shine! Whether you're looking for tips on handling troop finances or could use a hand with planning your first year of meetings, don't worry – we've got you covered! 

Together, let's make Collin County a place where every girl's voice is heard, and her potential is recognized. Your contribution makes all the difference. 

Are you ready to become the person girls can count on?