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Four Steps To Create A Culture Of Joy And Accountability In A Company


A friend called asking for help “improving their company culture.” High-performing employees were leaving while mediocre and poor performers were staying. Managers were unhappy with their employees’ output, and a toxic environment had developed.

Here’s the truth:
• Motivation comes from within, you can’t motivate others
• You can create an environment where people find their own natural motivation

So, here are four steps you can do to build a culture of joy and accountability in a company:


People want to know their purpose and how they fit into the bigger picture. They want to know what their role is, their value and how they can help the company grow.

How To Provide Clarity:
• Have clearly communicated goals – Does everyone on the team know your company’s vision? Do you have consistent team meetings and one on one discussions?
• Get agreement on what gets recognized – Have a team discussion around:
What does success look like?
What does meeting the goal look like?
What does “knocking it out of the park” look like?
What’s my responsibility in it?


Alignment is crucial for success. When people are not aligned with the company’s vision, team goals, or project outcomes, they are less likely to commit and hold themselves and others accountable. When everyone agrees, they take ownership, are self-motivated and accountability happens naturally.

How To Achieve Alignment:
• Create clear vision and values – Discuss:
What is our purpose as a company, and why should I care?
What are the values that drive the way we work with each other and our customers?
• Leaders MUST walk the talk – They have to be seen living the values or the values are useless
• Individual and company values – Ask yourself and your team: do my personal values mesh with the company values? Why am I proud to work here?


When a leader is clear on desired outcomes, roles, and deadlines, and team members agree, accountability becomes embedded.

How To Create Accountability:
• Set clear expectations – What are the outcomes you need? What, why, when — but leave the how to them
• Employees create their own accountability plan — Ask questions to help people acknowledge their role in creating the problem and taking ownership of the solution


In today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world and constant state of change, sharing information and knowledge is vital.

How To Collaborate:
• Define a common goal
• Agree on the value of achieving that goal
• Engage a process for getting things done (problem solving, decision making)
• Appreciate the skills and strengths of all members
• Clearly identify roles
• Build team trust by doing something FUN!

Good news! You, your leaders and employees have created your current culture, and you have the power to change it.