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Frisco RoughRiders To Host Solar Eclipse Watch Party

Experience history at the Frisco RoughRiders solar eclipse viewing event on April 8

Experience history at the Frisco RoughRiders solar eclipse viewing event on April 8, 2024.

The event will take place at Riders Field with live music, a Frisco RoughRiders team meet and greet and family fun activities. The tickets are $10 and include glasses as well as a voucher for a RoughRiders opening-week game April 9-14.

While total solar eclipses occur somewhere on Earth every 18 months, the likelihood of one happening at a specific location is estimated to be once every 360 to 410 years. Frisco is in that path of totality in 2024, making the city a perfect spot to see the full eclipse for almost three minutes.

Get tickets here to celebrate the eclipse with the RoughRiders

According to NASA, this rare phenomenon is the last total solar eclipse visible from the United States until 2044, promising a breathtaking display as the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, casting a shadow across the region.

The eclipse's path will unfold across the Dallas-Fort Worth area, commencing at approximately 1:39:56 p.m. CDT, gradually enveloping Fort Worth and Dallas around 1:40:12 p.m. CDT and subsequently extending to Plano. By approximately 1:41:35 p.m. CDT, the spectacle will reach Frisco, followed closely by McKinney at 1:41:48 p.m. CDT. The duration of totality is expected to last up to an impressive 4 minutes and 27 seconds.

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