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Frisco's Limestone Quarry Park Has A Hidden Waterfall

Here is your guide for finding the elusive waterfall
Photo: Local Profile

Have you ever visited Limestone Quarry Park in Frisco? DFW travel TikToker MyCurlyAdventures previously posted a video urging viewers to “hike to this waterfall near Dallas,” stating in the caption that this waterfall at Limestone Quarry Park is some of the clearest in the area for swimming.;is_copy_url=1u0026amp;is_from_webapp=v1
TikToker @mycurlyadventures visited Limestone Quarry Park last weekend.

So how do you find this elusive "hidden waterfall?"

Visitors to Limestone Quarry Park usually park their cars on Maltby Drive or at the neighboring Bert & Eloise Isbell Elementary School. As you walk towards the middle of the park, you will come across a playground. Immediately behind the playground is a bench, behind which you can access a dirt footpath leading to West Rowlett Creek and the exact waterfall that MyCurlyAdventures featured on her TikTok. The walk is only a couple of minutes and requires no complicated maneuvers, making it perfect for small children!

The waterfall trickles into the calm, moss-green water of the creek, providing a picturesque departure from the hustle and bustle of the workweek and a respite from the Texas heat.

Limestone Quarry Park, as shown on Google Maps.
Limestone Quarry Park, as shown on Google Maps.

We think it best to inform you right now that this is not Texas’s Niagara Falls. The Limestone Quarry Park waterfall is small. It’s also intermittent, streaming for five to 10 minutes, and then stopping for another 15 or so. However, it is still a beautiful photo opportunity and is surrounded by plenty of dry rock, so you can leave behind your personal belongings before exploring the rest of the park.

Here are some more tips from Local Profile’s Philip and Rebecca Silvestri on how to make the most of your trip.

1. Spend Time Hiking Along the Taychas Trail at Limestone Quarry Park

One would be remiss if they left Limestone Quarry Park without walking along the rest of the Taychas Trail, which is located alongside the creek and lies in the shade of tall deciduous trees. It's perfect for getting your steps in and enjoying the outdoors without burning up in the sun.

Taychas Trail at Limestone Quarry Park.
Playing in West Rowlett Creek at Limestone Quarry Park.

2. Use the Restroom Ahead of Time 

There are no restrooms at the park, so make sure to take care of all needs before heading over!

Visit this page at Visit Frisco for an overview of the park's amenities!

3. Bring Accessories

With water wings, a floatie and fishing nets on hand, you’ll be equipped for a memorable day spent floating down the creek or searching for fish. Don't forget to pack water bottles and sunscreen.

The water is so clear at Limestone Quarry Park!
The water is so clear in the creek at Limestone Quarry Park!

4. Dress for the Occasion

Limestone leaves residue on clothing and shoes, so dress in something you don’t mind getting dirty. It especially helps to wear water shoes with grip to avoid slipping and sliding on the rocks in the creek. If you don't have those at the ready, an old pair of sneakers will do nicely.

5. Watch Out for Snakes

Yes, there are snakes. They generally stay on the edge of the river, so make sure to stay close to the middle. On their most recent visit, Local Profile came across a non-venomous plain-bellied water snake. For reference, if snakes have vertical bars on their jaws, they are generally safe to approach, although it’s probably still best not to prod them with a stick.

Having visited the creek at Limestone Quarry Park a number of times, Local Profile reports seeing snakes occasionally – though, never a venomous snake there, although that does not mean they are not found in the area. Always use common sense and proceed with caution.

And, for reference, you can click here to read more about dangerous critters found in North Texas.

A plain-bellied water snake found along the edge of the creek at Limestone Quarry Park.

Limestone Quarry Park in Frisco is one of Collin County's hidden gems, providing photo opportunities, a safe haven from the summer heat and plenty of space to explore and traverse at your leisure. And it's right in our backyards.

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This article was originally published on June 29, 2021.

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