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Arlind Sadiku shares keys to small-business success

Business opportunities are growing by the dozens in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.
Image courtesy of Arlind Sadiku

Business opportunities are growing by the dozens in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. With the introduction of co-working spaces and innovations in transportation technology, owners of start-ups and small businesses are seeing the appeal of setting up shop in DFW. Impact Commercial Realty is a Plano-based realty group helping owners of start-ups and small businesses find office space for their companies. They have worked with all types of businesses in medical, hospitality, automotive, and technology industries.

Impact Commercial Realty Founder & CEO Arlind Sadiku believes that modern infrastructure in DFW is what appeals to other founders and convinces them to launch their companies in the area.

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“I think Legacy West is a sign that we’re moving into the future,” Sadiku says. “Mixed-use developments allow people a place to work and play. Texas has seen a lot of growth, and it’s bringing a lot of international companies over here. When people read about the growth over here, they want to establish a presence over here.”

Impact Commercial Realty is, in itself, a small business, run out of a coworking space in Legacy West. Sadiku believes that coworking spaces are very helpful for networking.

“It’s nice to network with people firsthand,” Sadiku says. “Over 50-100 companies share those spaces, so it makes the interactions easier.”

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Sadiku is a proponent for the modern transportation planned for north Texas, and claims that it will greatly benefit small business owners.

“I’m a big fan of automated vehicles,” Sadiku says. “Going in between meetings, it would be nice to be able to go over my notes and prepare for presentations, as opposed to focusing on going from point A to point B.”

One of the biggest keys to success as a small business owner, Sadiku says, is maintaining a good balance between online and offline presence.

“Amazon started off as an online store,” Sadiku says, “but then they bought Whole Foods, and that’s where they gained a large offline presence. You don’t need to go online to shop at Whole Foods, however, Whole Foods and Amazon are now both household names. You want to balance your time using technology as well as having interpersonal relationships. You can’t let your phone or computer pull you away from society.”

While no two businesses are alike, Sadiku cites the golden rule as the ultimate key to success.

“You need to treat your customers the way you want to be treated,” Sadiku says. “You have to know exactly what they want and get straight to the point with your customers because time is valuable.”

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