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Dallas Mayor Wants To Take Universal Studios Park From Frisco

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson offered an alternative to concerned Frisco residents
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After Frisco residents expressed concerns about what the new Universal Studios theme park, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson proposed a solution: We’ll take it. 

In a tweet posted on Jan. 19, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson proposed having the theme park installed in Hensley Field instead.

Mayor Johnson is known for stirring things up on his social media. In May 2022, Johnson had a light-hearted social media clash with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones when he expressed his plans to bring a second NFL team to Dallas. And Johnson was not just talking. Four months later his team created the committee on professional sports recruitment and retention with the intention of attracting a new team. 

However, in this case, Johnson will have to face more than just Jerry Jones’ resistance. As Dallas Neighbors for Housing reminded Johnson in a tweet, the city already has plans for Hensley Field. 

In 2022, the City Council approved a 20-year master redevelopment plan for the 738-acre site previously occupied by a U.S. Naval Air station. While entertainment was considered in the plan, the main focus of the project was housing. According to the Dallas Observer, Hensley Field could hold up to 8,414 residential units, which would bring much-needed relief to Dallas’ starved housing market.

“Hypothetically, it could fit but you would have to take out a lot of stuff,” Adam Lamont, co-founder of Dallas Neighbors for Housing, told the Dallas Observer regarding the Universal Studios park. 

“I know right now they’re planning on having almost 7,000 units of housing there. The way I look at it is you’re probably going to have to lose a thousand units in order to make a theme park work there,” continued Lamont, adding “personally, I would much rather have the thousand units.”

As for Frisco’s plan for the new Universal Studios park, the project has just started the City of Frisco’s review process and will need to be approved by the City Council.