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How Energy Attic is changing energy consumption

How households consume energy is highly relative to the age and quality of the materials inside the attic space.
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How households consume energy is highly relative to the age and quality of the materials inside the attic space. Since 2005, Energy Attic has been helping homeowners improve the quality of their home by updating the materials in the home’s attic space. Energy Attic’s services are based on a three-component system, consisting of radiant barrier technology, ventilation, and insulation.

“We offer a service unlike any other, Founder Ryan Amerson says. “We prioritize finding solutions and give people an overall look at comfort, air quality, and energy savings simply by starting with the attic. The work that we do in the attic bleeds down through the home and helps improve the overall home environment.”

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When he first conceived Energy Attic, Amerson initially centered the company around helping consumers reduce their spending on energy.

“Almost 14 years ago, we saw a need to help homeowners with their electric bills,” Amerson says. “Radiant barrier was the big up-and-coming product to do that. What we found was that the comfort of the home and the quality of life are more important factors than just the electric bills. Your lower electric bill is kind of a byproduct of our services.”

Energy Attic’s process consists of removing outdated insulation materials from the attic, cleaning out the ductwork and changing it if necessary, and removing any remaining any dust or common household pollutants. Amerson estimates that nearly 90% of homes have outdated materials in their attics.

Energy Attic replaces old materials with new, up-to-code, materials | Photo courtesy of Ryan Amerson

“We’ve never been in a house where there wasn’t something that could be done to improve air quality or energy consumption,” Amerson says. “Typically, we’re in homes that are ten years old or older. As time goes by, the materials become outdated. Even if you’re in a home that was built five or six years ago, the building standards are not what they are today.”

As a business owner and a Christian, Amerson’s business model and personal credo are centered around bible verse Micah 6:8, however, he has put their own spin on the verse: “Do right, love people, and work humbly.”

“Everything we do in this office or out in the field is done through that lens,” Amerson says. “We’re in people’s homes for hours at a time, so we try to get to know each customer and understand their needs. We’re focusing on comfort and air quality, which allows our customers to live their best lives at home”

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