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Jay Veal expands influence into Collin County

[media-credit name=”Jay Veal” align=”aligncenter” width=”1000″] [/media-credit] Jay Veal, M.Ed., started his career in education after working in the IT industry for a couple of years.
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Credit: Jay Veal
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Jay Veal, M.Ed., started his career in education after working in the IT industry for a couple of years. After he felt called to go into education he taught on many schools, anywhere from public to private schools and universities. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago that Veal started It’s Not Complicated Tutoring (INC) part time. He has now been full time as of a year now.

INC Tutoring

INC Tutoring is a tutoring company that approaches tutoring in a whole new way. Described as using a “holistic” approach, the company makes sure that each action with every student is intentional. They are one of the top private tutoring companies in DFW and southern region of the US serving students of all ages in STEM and beyond. Now, they are focusing on taking Plano, Frisco, and surrounding areas by storm with an approach that has students in center-based companies flocking to them instead.

“We treat everyone we take into our organization like family,” said Veal. “Holistic means involving everyone in the process – parents, administrators, coaches if they play sports, etc.”

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In addition, the company’s success rate is unmatched by other tutoring companies. INC Tutoring has a 95 percent success rate of students getting A’s and B’s after just a two or three weeks. The average time to see results in the industry is six weeks. They even have an accelerated Algebra 1 course offering for next summer to teach students in 6-8th grades Algebra 1 in 6 weeks with a high success rate!

“INC Tutoring is exactly what Plano has longed for all these years: a solution that works,” said Veal.

However, Veal felt he could offer more to the community. This is where the idea for The Jay Veal Brand started.

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The Jay Veal Brand

The Jay Veal Brand is Veal’s newest endeavor. Simply put, it’s a consulting firm. However, that doesn’t fully capture the vision Veal has.

“We are there to understand client needs and really get to know them. It’s not about us. It’s about how can we serve our clients the best way possible while caring for them in the process,”  said Veal. “What’re they looking for? What do they need? How can we get it done, and done well?”

The brand has three areas for services: business, education and speaking.

In terms of business consulting, Veal is excited to help others with their entrepreneurial aspirations.

“I am elated to help people discover their passion and make a business from it. I love helping people and I have a good heart to ensure people are successful along the way.”

For the educational consulting, calling all educators, administrators, and superintendents, Veal is able to go to schools to find out what needs have to be met for students. Needs may vary from classroom management and professional development to curriculum design and implementation. There are 9 avenues to choose from. His mission is to solve problems so students can be taught better and learn easily and educators can be trained to deliver content efficiently.

However, this is not to be confused with Inc Tutoring. That is all about one on one engagement with students and helping them achieve their educational goals. The Jay Veal Brand‘s educational consultation is about equipping educators with the tools to help students succeed. Regardless, both revolve around the students and ensuring they receive the best education possible.

Veal was particularly excited to talk about the speaking services provided by the brand due to having seven keynote topics and being a locally and nationally sought after speaker. He has been asked to speak all across the country, from Hollywood, CA to Pittsburgh, PA. In addition, Veal speaks about topics that are relatable to his audience and leaves them inspired. His talks range from overcoming failure, how to network, discovering your passion and more. Plano entities and organizations have him right in their backyard to book him for speaking to make an impact.

All in all, Veal wants to ensure that everyone – students and adults – have access to the tools they need to achieve success.

“We want people to know about us and take advantage of everything we offer,” said Veal. “We want people to have the best of the best for their kids and themselves.”

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