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Kroger Sending off Self-Driving Trucks in Dallas

The supermarket chain is partnering with Gatik, an autonomous trucking company
Photo: Jonathan Weiss | Shutterstock

Gatik’s autonomous trucks will be carrying Kroger’s fresh products to the stores from their distribution center according to Dallas Innovates.

Founded in 2017, Gatik is an autonomous middle-mile trucking company based in California, and the company is currently valued at $700 million. 

Twenty-five of their 20-foot self-driving trucks are in operation in Texas for companies including Pitney Bowes. They also partnered with Georgia-Pacific and KBX to deliver supplies to 34 Sam’s Club locations in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Four of Gatik’s autonomous trucks will transport goods from Kroger’s Dallas distribution center to stores in the North Texas area at least four times a day, seven days a week. Each trip will be 60 miles on average. Gatik says the conveyance promises better speed and responsiveness when filling orders. This, in turn, will apparently reduce costs. 

With more and more Gatik’s self-driving trucks running down the streets of Texas, co-founder and CEO of the company, Gautam Narang says, “Texas and specifically Dallas-Fort Worth has been a big market, a big focus of ours over the last two, three years.”

The use of “chain to sensor” technology makes it possible to manipulate the vehicle at a high speed of 70 miles per hour. Before the trucks go fully automated, the self-driving trucks will be operated with a driver in the cab.

Raúl Bujalil, VP of supply chain strategy and technology enablers at Kroger, said, “These autonomous box trucks will help us continue our commitment to creating a seamless shopping experience— where customers can access their favorite fresh foods, with zero compromises on value or convenience.”

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