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Meet Michelle Thompson, Director of Sales and Marketing at Hilton Dallas/Plano Granite Park

Michelle Thompson is an award-winning Director of Sales and Marketing.

Michelle Thompson is an award-winning Director of Sales and Marketing. Currently seated at Hilton Dallas/Plano Granite Park, Michelle earned the 2017 Director of Sales and Marketing of the Year award for Hilton Hotels & Resorts, a very prestigious award amongst Hilton’s Americas hotels, due to her strategic realignment of business segments at the hotel.

Michelle is responsible for the production of all revenue streams coming into the hotel, as well as leading the multiple teams that make it all happen. What drives Michelle is overcoming obstacles and her love of the job, stating “It is so rewarding when you work through being uncomfortable. Growth, persistence, and hard work lead to accomplishing and even exceeding expectations.”

Growing up, Michelle’s family instilled a great work ethic in her. As a young girl, she started her first job in 7th grade, working in her Dad’s furniture store in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. After high school, Michelle moved to the big city to attend the University of New Orleans where she earned a B.S. in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration, working as a Front Desk Agent and Concierge throughout college. Her first job after college was as a Conference Coordinator at one of New Orleans’ top hotel conference centers and she continued to work in New Orleans for the next 12 years.

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Michelle worked her way up through the ranks of the sales department, finally becoming a Director of Sales and Marketing in 2004. Michelle has continued to gain additional experience and different perspectives with each market and hotel she has worked. Michelle continues her career journey as a Director of Sales and Marketing where she continues to nurture and grow her skills and love of the industry.

Michelle has been a resident of Plano since first arriving in DFW in 2003. She has led the sales effort for Hilton Dallas/Plano Granite Park for the past two years. She has flourished in this industry for 30 years, with 27 of those years in Hotel Sales and the last 15 being in the DFW area.