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Plano Welcomes A New Institute at Children's Health

Children’s Health is bringing a new institute to the ball game, and it’s sure to be a game changer.
Childrens Medical Center Plano
Childrens Medical Centre Plano

Children’s Health is bringing a new institute to the ball game, and it’s sure to be a game changer.

A ground breaking ceremony was held Friday for North Texas’ first pediatric-focused orthopedic institute, Children’s Health Andrews Institute for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

Dr.Andrews kid Childrens Health Andrews Institute

President and CEO of Children’s Health System of Texas and CEO of Children’s Health Center Dallas, Christopher J. Durovich, started the ceremony off by reminding us what the relationship between your child and their sports is like. He said, “Youth sports have played in our society and continue to play in our society a very important role. Kids build self-confidence; it gives them a chance to celebrate success; brings discipline, structure and reward and foremost, it brings fond memories.” With the help of the Andrews Institute, leaders at Children’s Health want to make certain kids within our community are safe as they passionately engage in the sports they love.

The center was developed under the direction of world-renowned orthopedic surgeon James Andrews, M.D., who is known for treating tens of thousands of patients, including professional sports stars and college athletes. Dr. Andrews also established and improved surgical and rehab techniques used globally. Most recently, he began working with preventing and treating injuries in younger patients. According to Andrews, “Our mission is to keep the kids on the playing field and out of the operating room.”

Andrews Institute will use the latest clinical and surgical technology, while continually improving patient care through research and education. The roughly $50 million, 185,000-square-foot, four-story building is coming in 2017.

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