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Mayor Jeff Cheney Wants Twitter To Relocate To Frisco

The North Texas city is making overtures to Elon Musk
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Frisco's economic development team has been aggressive in bringing blue-chip organizations to the city. Mayor Jeff Cheney hopes the next one is a blue bird.

With Elon Musk poised to take over Twitter, Mayor Jeff Cheney sees an opportunity to entice the social media platform's operations from San Fran, as in San Francisco, to Frisco, as in Frisco, Texas. (Musk's acquisition still has yet to be approved by both regulators and stockholders, and Twitter has not announced plans to relocate.)

Frisco's official Twitter account has been including Musk in a series of tweets, highlighting that the Texas city is home to seven sports teams and organizations, values health and wellness, has over 90 miles of hiking and bike trails throughout the city, and is investing in the public good.

"Certainly Elon Musk has shown a fondness for Texas," Mayor Cheney told Local Profile, alluding to his decision to move Tesla to Austin and set up a SpaceX launch site in Boca Chica.

"Texas is a great place to do business," said the mayor, adding that North Texas, in particular, benefits from DFW Airport. Frisco, he believes, is an attractive place for Twitter to be based.

According to Mayor Cheney, Frisco has "multiple" sites that could handle a new home for the social media platform. The mayor believes that the city, with its excellent schools, high quality of life and talented workforce is a compelling choice for the California company.

"We're putting our flag in the ground," said Mayor Cheney about the desire to bring Twitter to Frisco. "Our door is open to Twitter."

"Our city is going to continue to be aggressive," he added. "We want to bring more Fortune 500 companies, tech companies and startups here. We hope that Twitter sees that and wants to have a conversation."

Your move, Elon.