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Plano City Council Delays Short-Term Rental Decision

Some residents want the rentals banned outright
Photo: Tero Vesalainen | Shutterstock

The Plano City Council postponed any kind of regulation for short-term rentals at the November 14 meeting. But residents want something done about the constant influx of visitors staying in the city. 

Since the bust of a brothel in Plano on September 23 2022, residents have been restless about the city council’s decision on what to do about short-term rentals. Some residents asked the city to ban short-term rentals outright, but others depend on the rentals for their income. 

A vote was supposed to occur at the November 14 city council meeting, but was delayed. The council explained that more information had come out about possible regulations and decided to hold an executive meeting to discuss the new information. 

“We just wanted to let the audience know that one of the reasons why we had to go back into executive session was we have some additional information we need to receive regarding short-term rentals,” Mayor John Muns said. “And so, it will be the intention of this council to table this item.”

Even though a vote was not made, the council still listened to all public comments regarding short-term rentals. The Texas Neighborhood Coalition was one of the groups that spoke during the meeting, and they asked the council to ban short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods, citing that the rentals bring in more crime, trash, noise and traffic. 

One regulation that the city could see in the future is charging businesses that operate short-term rentals annually. The city could also require the rentals to be clearly labeled for better monitoring. 

It is not clear when the Plano City Council will make a decision on the future of the rentals, but it is a topic that will likely be discussed in the near future. 

To watch the full city council meeting visit the link here.