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Frisco Public Library Joins TikTok Trend

The library is getting in touch with Texas youth
Photo: nikkimeel | Shutterstock

“He’s a 10, but he keeps his mentally unstable wife locked in the attic.” Does that sound familiar? If you were thinking of Charlotte Brontë’s well-known novel Jane Eyre, you are correct. 

A popular TikTok trend left the app and made its way onto the Frisco Public Library website: The “They’re a 10 but…” meme has been circulating social media recently as a creative way for individuals to share their biggest deal breakers and red flags when it comes to relationships. But the Frisco Public Library has put their own spin on the viral trend. 

From Pride and Prejudice to the Hunger Games, the Frisco Public Library has created a humorous way to reach out and engage with younger audiences in Collin County, while sharing a sneak peak into the pages of a book. An inside joke or plot twist might be given away through the trend, but you will have to read it to find out. “He’s a 10, but he throws burnt bread at you,” is obvious to some, but will leave others confused. 

Frisco Public Library has many other exciting events going on now such as DIY projects and Labor Day fun to end the summer with. As back to school starts up again, the library also offers live online tutors to help students with a variety of courses and topics every day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. with 24 hour homework and study tools.

September is library card sign up month, so make sure to stop by Frisco Public Library to check out old and new books that spark your interest. Be honest – if someone said, “He’s a 10, but if you hug him, he turns into a cat,” you would probably want to know what happens. I know I would. 

While you wait for the new Frisco Public Library to open, the original building is still welcoming guests ready to read and enjoy memes.