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Tickets On Sale Now For TEDxPlano 2024

The theme for this year's TEDxPlano is 'Together We Go'
Photo: TEDxPlano

Tickets are on sale now for TEDxPlano 2024. The theme for TEDxPlano 2024 is Together We Go. Join the line-up of incredible speakers and explore ideas that embrace collaboration, community and a shared future. 

When: Saturday, April 6 | 2 p.m.
Where: Robinson Fine Arts Center
Cost: $25.00 - $75.00

TEDxPlano is more than just the talks on stage. Every year the interactive lobby is full of innovation, with things to see, do, taste and touch. TEDxPlano experiences allow you to see how Plano-area individuals and companies are leveraging ideas, technologies, design, and education to help create a better future.

Attendees are welcomed into the lobby experience as doors swing open at 2 p.m., setting the stage for anticipation and interaction. Exploration and mingling pave the way for the main event as access to the auditorium commences at 4 p.m., guiding guests towards the focal point of the gathering. As the clock strikes 5 p.m., the atmosphere hums with excitement as talks unfold, each offering a journey of insight and inspiration to captivated audiences.

2024 Speakers

Ken Boone
Ken Boone serves as the Vice President of Olsson Studio, a renowned hub for community planning, landscape architecture, and urban design. Passionate about empowering communities, Ken thrives on guiding them towards realizing their goals and addressing obstacles through strategic planning, community engagement, and facilitation.

Alex Lee
Prior to joining Doosan Robotics, Alex Lee built over 20 years of successful career at Andersen Consulting, Schneider Electric, Yaskawa and numerous start-ups including Touch Automation (creator of “REDBOX”) being a co-founder himself. As a seasoned business development expert, Alex will lead the corporation in a way to make tremendous growth in new and existing markets leveraging his experiences in negotiation, engineering, strategic planning, business development and sales management. 

Magdiel Lopez
Magdiel Lopez, born in Havana, Cuba, relocated to the U.S. at the age of 15, fueled by a deep passion for design and inspired by his rich Cuban heritage. Over the next decade, he honed a unique artistic style in private before unveiling it to the public. His groundbreaking project, “A Poster A Day,” involved posting new artwork on Instagram daily for a year, earning him global recognition and features in publications such as the New York Times, Harvard Business Journal and Cosmopolitan

Kelli Palmer 
Dr. Kelli Palmer’s research focuses on gaining a better understanding of how bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics. One of her approaches involves sequencing entire genomes of different bacterial species to identify and characterize genetic mutations that lead to antibiotic resistance. She also is investigating the role genetic material called plasmids and transposons play in conferring resistance. 

Maya Piata
Maya Piata is a singer/songwriter who uses her eclectic background to mold her own, unique style by pulling inspiration from her hometown, New Orleans, alongside the rich culture of her New Zealand roots. Maya describes her sound as “Sunshine Soul”, mirroring her bubbly personality and endless list of musical influences, ranging from Ms. Lauryn Hill to Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder to Prince. She has opened for Arlo Parks and Rebirth Brass Band and has played at notable venues in the Dallas/Fort Worth music scene. 

Daymond Sands
Daymond Sands is the Program Director for the North Texas Performing Arts Deaf Theatre. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Daymond began performing at the young age of 5. He earned a college degree in Psychology, and continued his college education completing acting courses at Tyler Junior College. Pursuing his dream of being able to perform on stage, sign sing, direct, and create his own show, he became a professional performing artist and an ASL consultant for theatre in 2016. 

Tickets are available now at

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