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Pearachute Expands On-Demand Booking Service Offering to Dallas

Pearachute has good news for local parents and local businesses alike.

Pearachute has good news for local parents and local businesses alike. Pearachute helps parents answers the question, “how can we have fun today?” Pearachute makes it easy for parents and caregivers to discover, book and attend the best kids’ classes in town. Now Pearachute has expanded its offerings to Dallas with a fruitful new partnership with DFW businesses to help match them with new parents find the best classes for their children. By offering flexible access to Dallas’s top-rated kids’ classes in the arts, movement, sports, music, language and more, Pearachute provides local opportunities for parents to spend more meaningful time with their children.

Pearachute is launching in Dallas with 20 partners, 80-100 classes, and 3500 spots/month. Parents and caregivers have the option of buying one of Pearachute’s flexible and affordable memberships: three classes for $39 a month, six classes for $79 a month, or $129 for unlimited monthly classes per child. At launch, Pearachute partners will include MyGym, Summit Gyms, Premier Martial Arts, Jim Montgomery Swim School, Ruby Room and Carefree Colors.

Since its launch in Chicago in February 2016, Pearachute operations has delivered 31,000 happy Pearachute experiences for kids around the Chicagoland area. In addition, over the last six months, Pearachute has shown 5x growth of their partner studios.

Pearachute’s founder, second-time entrepreneur Desiree Vargas Wrigley, is a mom of two young boys and a tween stepdaughter. Desiree created Pearachute to maximize the time she spends with her children and to make it easier for parents and kids to discover and explore new activities they love. At the same time, Pearachute can help grow the businesses of local entrepreneurs who have turned their passions into something that brings joy to their communities.

“Pearachute offers a simple and seamless process for registering for classes while creating opportunities for parents and children to make the most of the time they have together,” says Vargas Wrigley. “We are excited to launch in Dallas because we know there’s a demand here for this type of flexible kids’ programming and because we see so many similarities in the culture and values of these markets.”

To enroll in Pearachute classes please visit Connect with Pearachute on Facebook and Twitter.