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5 Things To Know About The Frisco ISD Board Meeting - 9/12/2022

Heated debates about bathrooms and gun storage
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The Frisco ISD Board of Trustee members met on September 12 to discuss a number of proposals and issues in the district. The board of trustees is elected to serve without compensation. Each board member has a term of three years. 

Here are the five things you need to know:

  • Title IX and bathroom rules: A discussion regarding Title IX and student bathroom use was brought up by the board. Many parents in the district are concerned about which bathrooms transgender students use. The board did not vote on this issue because it was solely a discussion. For more information check Local Profiles previous coverage.
  • Gun safety and storage: The board considered and acted on “Resolution Encouraging Safe Gun Storage Practices.” The resolution was presented by community members after the Uvalde shooting. The act would encourage and provide safe storage for firearms and make resources available on the FISD website for easy access. The board will have the superintendent to encourages gun safety and the use of storage of firearms that may be readily available to children under 17. The board made it clear that they are not collecting data on firearm owners, and instead want to raise awareness for safety. The action item passed 4:2. 
  • Social media practices: A discussion regarding FISD social media practices and updates occurred at the September 12 meeting in relation to a recent post from a Frisco ISD school that contained an image of a sex toy. The board identified the issue and has since updated the social media best practices guide and best practices to define how employees should use official FISD media accounts. The board is actively working to determine which social media accounts are official in terms of relating to the schools. The board did not vote on this issue because it was solely a discussion.
  • TRS ActiveCare: The board considered and acted on a resolution to declare intent to opt-out of TRS ActiveCare. ActiveCare provides health coverage to many public education employers in the state of Texas. A different health care plan is expected to be ready for this upcoming year as the district finds a better option for staff. The board voted unanimously to pass the motion.
  • Public comment: During each meeting, the public comment section is open for individuals in the community to share with the board any issues they may face within the ISD. At the September 20 meeting, 20 individuals signed up to speak. The most heard comments were in regard to the recent topic of bathroom rules for students. Most parents were in opposition to transgender students using the restroom of their choice and wanted definite rules to be placed in the student handbook. Another parent shared their concerns about their child who has been diagnosed with gender dysmorphia. The district worked closely with the child to find ways to help them adjust, yet the father is concerned about what will happen in the future. Other issues that were brought up were in regard to books that may contain explicit detailing in the district. 

Frisco ISD board meetings are open to the public. To watch the full meeting visit the board’s website