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Washington Foundation Awards First 2018 Scholarship

“Life Changing Opportunity” describes the fundamentals of the Washington Foundation.

“Life Changing Opportunity” describes the fundamentals of the Washington Foundation.  The foundation was formed about two years ago, and provides college scholarships to current and recently graduated high school students to pursue higher learning with a special emphasis on the medical field.  The Foundation also provides scholarships to middle school and high school students for science and computer camps.

On June 17, the Washington Foundation announced the first recipient of the 2018 college
scholarship: Irving resident Rory Francis Etienne.  He will be attending the Sophie Davis accelerated seven year medical program at City College (CUNY).

The Washington Foundation’s special dinner event, where Etienne was announced as a 2018 scholarship recipient.

Opening remarks were given by Van Washington of the Washington Foundation.  The Keynote Speaker for the event was Dr. Jeff W. Josma.  Dr. Josma, who is a third year resident at Stony Brook Hospital on Long Island, New York, is a graduate of the Sophie Davis program.

Rory Etienne, the recipient of this year’s scholarship, attended Irving schools and graduated from Premier High School at Northlake College, South Campus.  He has wanted to pursue a medical career since he was a child. Now, thanks to the Washington Foundation, that dream is a reality.