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Best Neighborhood Holiday Light Displays in Collin County

This year, the CDC and parents agree that the safest holiday activity for families is also one of the most popular and traditional: touring around neighborhoods marveling at Christmas light displays. In North Texas, holiday lights are beloved.

This year, the CDC and parents agree that the safest holiday activity for families is also one of the most popular and traditional: touring around neighborhoods marveling at Christmas light displays.

In North Texas, holiday lights are beloved. While the various downtowns and shopping centers have their own outdoor light displays and holiday events, there's still no substitute for neighborhoods where every house is decked out with icicle lights on the roof, inflatable Santas, and snowmen.

From Deerfield in Plano to Kody's Spectacular Light Show, here are some of the best and brightest neighborhood Christmas light displays in Collin County.

Deerfield Christmas lights
Home on Turnberry Court in the Deerfield neighborhood, Plano

Deerfield Holiday Lights, Deerfield, Plano

Deerfield has always been known as one of the best neighborhood displays in the area. The majority of residents of the Deerfield neighborhood all participate; one street of houses has even collaborated on their displays to create a single experience.

Deerfield gets busy. It’s best to go early, or plan to walk it, starting from the back of the neighborhood.

Plano Christmas lights
Biscayne Drive in Plano

Biscayne Drive, Plano

This street, off of Independence Parkway, features three houses that collaborate for a seamless experience full of holiday characters, trains, and even a couple of wild cards. Keep an eye peeled for a horse and carriage and a pair of sloths.

Marveling at the display is free, but donations are accepted and appreciated. All donations go to Minnies Food Pantry. They accept money and canned goods.

It's easiest to tour this display on foot.
Plano neighborhood holiday light displays
Synchronized light show at 2709 Westridge Dr., Plano

2709 Westridge Dr., Plano

Once you've enjoyed Biscayne Drive, go just a few streets over to the synchronized light display put on by the residents of 2709 Westridge Drive. They host shows every evening, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 6 to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

neighborhood holiday light displays
At a home along Westridge Drive in Plano

Westridge Drive between Valley Creek Drive and Custer, Plano

After 2709 Westridge Drive, continue east until you reach the junction of Westridge and Custer. Here, the street is full of decorated houses, over a dozen in a row. The street is perfect for visitors who are looking for a nice short stroll on a winter night.

neighborhood holiday house
3809 Hazelhurst Dr., Frisco

3809 Hazelhurst Dr., Frisco

Once Christmas hits, 3809 Hazelhurst becomes the most famous house in Frisco. The owners of this house are known for their spectacular style: over 25,000 lights, a giant Santa, a gingerbread house, polar bears, reindeer, penguins, and even a llama or two.

The best part is their signature miniature Christmas village, North Pole Toy Company. Built in the garage, this village has a custom window installed so it's easy for visitors to see.

We highly recommend you find a place to park and get out of your car to explore this one. There is a lot to see that you cannot appreciate from a car window.
family fun frisco
5913 Myrtle Ln., Frisco

5913 Myrtle Lane, Frisco

This is a jolly neighborhood light display to cruise by, if you're in the area. Located close to 3809 Hazelhurst Drive, Frisco.

Frisco house
Neighborhood holiday lights at 12365 Flamingo Ct., Frisco

12365 Flamingo Ct., Frisco

We discovered 12365 Flamingo Court almost on accident. There is something both elegant and enchanting about this light display that we weren't able to capture in photos. It may not look as impressive as some of the others we've listed but this little holiday light gem is definitely worth a drive-by if you're close by.

Walnut Street
6942 Walnut St., Frisco

6942 Walnut St., Frisco

As your GPS leads you up the narrow street, you may think you've lost your way. Then, out of the darkness, holiday lights appear at the top of a hill. On the right, you'll spot a collection of giant inflatables: a yeti, snowman, reindeer, and Santa. You may think this is your destination. It's not. Look to your left and you'll find 6942 Walnut Street.

This intricate display is so unique and beautiful, it can't be truly appreciated inside a car. There are seemingly endless miniature houses lined up in neat rows in front of the main fence. Visitors are also welcome and encouraged to walk through the lighted arched and around the front garden which is filled with more lights and miniature houses, and a big nativity scene.
7349 Calla Lilly Ln., Frisco

7349 Calla Lilly Ln., Frisco

The neighborhood where we found this house has a few lovely displays. Additionally, we got a kick out of the Santa in the window.

Kody's Stunning Light Show, 5618 Foster St. The Colony

This under-the-radar show is up and running for another year. Kody's Stunning Light Show synchronizes lights to music. The homeowners goes big with 3000 lights, and 20-minute shows that run from Monday to Sunday every week from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. One has to wonder what the neighbors think.

Visitors should pull up and tune their car radios to 98.9 F.M to hear the music. Kody's Stunning Light Show is on from now until New Year's Day.

Other Neighborhood Holiday Light Displays

To create the above list, we drove to many of these addresses, and more. But after researching other lists we had found on other websites, we were disappointed on more than one occasion; many of the displays that were advertised weren't there.

Thus, while we have heard good things about the following displays in past years, we could not verify that holiday light displays actually do still exist at the following homes:

905 Whitney Court, Plano
We did actually drive by this one and the display was not yet ready. It did look like it was in progress though. Highlights include a gigantic yellow duck.

3601 Brookshire Drive, Plano

2701 Dublin Park Drive, Plano
According to Dallas Morning News, this light show also serves as a drop-off for Toys for Tots.

Village of Eldorado, McKinney
In years past, Village of Eldorado has had a contest and has been a highlight in McKinney.

Tucker Hill, McKinney
Tucker Hill neighborhood, off of Highway 380, has been known for some Christmas lights.