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Meet Plano's Insta-famous triplets

When I meet the “Bennett Triplets”, @bennetttriplets, Savannah, Wyatt, and Beau, the kids have just woken up from their nap and are scrambling around the living room while Holly and I sit at the kitchen table.
The Bennett Triplets, aka @bennetttriplets on Instagram

When I meet the “Bennett Triplets”, @bennetttriplets, Savannah, Wyatt, and Beau, the kids have just woken up from their nap and are scrambling around the living room while Holly and I sit at the kitchen table. Savannah laughs and blows raspberries at the ground while Wyatt eats a cookie and Beau clambers up onto a chair with his mother.

These three children from Plano are social media sensations. Holly runs the “bennetttriplets” Instagram, where she and her sister, both photographers, share photos they take of the kids. This account has over 46,000 followers.

Holly grew up in Minnesota. She met her husband, Jason, when she came to Richardson, Texas to visit her cousin at 18. Jason was her cousin’s best friend. When Holly went back to Minnesota, she put in her two-weeks notice at work. Holly and Jason married almost 15 years ago and moved to Plano in 2011 when Holly got pregnant with her first child. They wanted their kid to have a good education. Unfortunately, Jason and Holly lost the baby during delivery. “But a couple of years later, we ended up with the three,” Holly tells me with a warm smile.

Holly still works full-time and Jason is in the Air National Guard, so she definitely has her arms full. I ask what her number one takeaway from raising triplets is.

The Bennett Triplets, aka @bennetttriplets on Instagram, Plano, Texas

“You can do difficult things. People say, ‘Well, how do you do it?’ My answer is usually, ‘What choice do you have?’ You can’t just fail at it! You have to find a way to succeed and make it work, no matter what the obstacles.”

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Holly started the bennetttriplets account because she wanted to see if she could “get the K” and hit 10,000 followers within a year. She’d already had the Instagram account for years, but it only had two pictures, one of Holly’s nails and the other of the family by their pool. After Holly set her goal, she started posting high quality photos daily. She hit 10K within 7 months. At that point, Holly thought, “Now what’s my goal? That was no fun!” She aimed for 15 and 20 and then 25 thousand and reached her goal each time.

The Bennett Triplets, aka @bennetttriplets on Instagram, Plano, Texas

While Holly admits that the followers are nice, as are the products sent to her by various baby product companies who want an endorsement (the living room is scattered with toys and high chairs in sets of three), the account is about more than followers and likes. “It’s my gift to [my kids],” she says. “They see all these nice things that people say about them, and they know that people actually care about them.”

While Savannah, Beau, and Wyatt are a handful (what toddlers aren’t), they also infuse the Bennetts’ home with joy. Savannah and Beau are both outgoing and cheerful. Savannah likes to see the pictures on Instagram and point out who was in each one and what they were doing. According to Holly, she’s the pioneer in almost all of their ‘baby firsts’.  

“Wyatt,” Savannah says, showing me a picture of Wyatt swimming. “I swim too,” she adds with a serious look on her face.

Holly laughs. “Yes honey, you were swimming that day too.” Then Beau reaches over and plucks the phone from her. “Don’t touch,” he says, wagging his finger at his sister. Then he sets the phone down right in front of Holly, like he has protected it just for her. Holly tells me that Beau often acts without inhibition. “Beau will dance in the middle of a restaurant. He just can’t help it!”

The Bennett Triplets, aka @bennetttriplets on Instagram, Plano, Texas

While Savannah and Beau play with Holly’s phone on her right, Wyatt sits on his own on her left, happily eating a chocolate cookie. “Wyatt’s more sensitive. He’s a little more science-minded too,” Holly explains. “He’s into how things work. He understands magnets. The others have no clue, but Wyatt knows that if you put a magnet to metal, it’ll slide down slowly.”

The kids all love to swim, and they’re great swimmers. They also love their weekend outings. Holly manages to take them on one outing each Saturday and Sunday without fail. As you might expect with triplet toddlers, these outings don’t always go as planned. Holly tells me about one of these instances. “Once, we took them to a church play area,” she says. “It was just me and the kids, and I’m thinking ‘I’m doing a great job’. I took the boys up to the top trying to get pictures, and I hear Savannah say ‘Mommy, I wet’. Then, I hear a mom say, ‘I think she had an accident’. I go down there, and she not only peed herself, she took off all her clothes, and she’s running naked throughout the church play area. There’s always something.”

The Bennett Triplets, aka @bennetttriplets on Instagram, Plano, Texas

That’s what the bennettriplets Instagram is like behind the scenes: always crazy but always full of love. “They might not know it yet, but they have people all over the world that think they’re their aunties,” Holly says. “That’s something special.”

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