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Best Playgrounds In Addison And Farmers Branch, Texas

Explore the parks of North Texas

Even as the temperatures rise in North Texas, there’s still time to enjoy some family moments outdoors. Visiting a nearby playground with your kids is not only an excellent way to keep them entertained but also to let them burn off some energy — all without spending a dime.

Here are some of the best playgrounds in Addison and Farmers Branch:


13201 Tom Field Rd, Farmers Branch
Suitable for all ages; Restrooms available

Translating to “jewel” in Spanish, Joya is just that. As North Texas' first glow-in-the-dark park, Joya is a great park to meet and play with friends and family. The playground recently underwent renovations, so make sure to click here for a full list of new rules and guidelines.  

Farmers Branch Park

13956 Dennis Ln, Farmers Branch
Suitable for all ages; Restrooms available

Farmers Branch playground is perfect for keeping the little kids entertained, while older siblings play sports nearby. The park is fully equipped with slides, swings and climbing equipment. 

Mallon Park

12297 Josey Ln, Farmers Branch
Suitable for all ages; No restrooms available

Mallon Park may be small compared to other parks in the city, but its landscaping makes it spectacular. With picturesque bridges and a small duck pond, families can enjoy a great picnic in the park. The playground itself is also decently small, but still offers plenty for kids to enjoy. 

Le Lacs Linear Park

3901 Beltway Dr, Addison
Suitable for all ages; No restrooms available

This small playground is perfect for a quick stop and play after a walk down the Le Lacs trail. The playground has lots of shade and is especially little kid-friendly, with small slides, swings and play equipment. 

Rose Haggar Park

17820 Campbell Rd, Dallas
Suitable for all ages; No restrooms available

Rose Haggar Parl is built for climbers! The park features several climbing-based activities for kids, as well as swings and slides for more fun. The playground also features a Neos Ring, an electronic, interactive gaming system. 

To see more great playgrounds in North Texas, visit the link here

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