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Pokémon Exhibit Opens In Frisco, Texas

The exhibit will be open for approximately one year

In collaboration with Leonhart and Rare Candy, the National Videogame Museum recently opened its latest exhibit: Pokémon!

Commemorate almost thirty years of Pokémon with an exploration of the cherished franchise's past. Dive into the lively realm of Pikachu, Charizard and numerous other beloved creatures as you delve into an enthralling array of memorabilia and exclusive collector's pieces. 

From trading cards and video games to one-of-a-kind treasures, each facet of this showcase narrates the enduring enchantment of Pokémon

Lee Steinfeld (Leonhart), an internet sensation known for making Pokémon videos, posted on Instagram, saying, “I opened a Pokémon Museum! Celebrating the 28 years of Pokémon!” In the post, he shared a first look at the new exhibit. 

According to WFAA, since the age of 11, the now 37-year-old Youtube star has collected Pokémon games, cards and memorabilia, all now showcased at the museum and set to remain on display for approximately the next year.

The exhibit features the classic titles, Pokémon Red and Blue, alongside other games preserved in their original packaging. Additionally, vintage Hasbro toys such as plushies, pencils and erasers are on display. Visitors can also engage in friendly battles with Pokémon Stadium on the original Nintendo 64 console, set up by the museum within the exhibit.

For more information visit the link here.

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