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The Dish: K-Pop Bao at Enter the Bao, Legacy Hall

I’ve been to Legacy Hall as many times as my wallet can handle. So far, it’s easy to love.

I’ve been to Legacy Hall as many times as my wallet can handle. So far, it’s easy to love. From Roots Chicken Shak, Knife Burger, Degenhardt’s Brat Haus and Monkey King Noodle to Everett and Elaine and Haute Sweets Patisserie, every stall I’ve tried has me wanting to go back. But still, there is a world of difference between a good meal and one that you’ll crave in the middle of the night six months from now. I’m looking for the latter; love at first bite.

The K-Pop Bao at Enter the Bao is one of those dishes. Enter the Bao’s edgy design tells eaters right away the kind of experience they’re in for. (By edgy, I mean graffiti, basically.) Chef Roger Wang gives traditional bao buns a unique spin with new toppings and combinations that take the humble bao to new fusion-y heights. Plus, if there’s not a line, they’ll have your order ready in about 30 seconds.

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Legacy Food Hall Enter the Bao Legacy West Plano
By Cori Baker

The stall offers four options in their usual line up—not including the “bao for now” special. Their star baos are a chicken sausage bao, a savory braised beef and a veggie bao. And then there’s the K-Pop. This saucy little number folds around a hunk of sweet glazed pork belly the size of a deck of cards. Topped with a light touch of scallions, it’s packed with flavor. It verges on messy; As it is, we’re probably pretty safely in one-napkin territory. The perfectly tender pork belly melts in your mouth like honey. The presentation is simple, letting each bite of pork belly shine.

… And now I’m hungry.

Legacy Hall | 7800 Windrose Ave., Plano |  972-846-4255 |