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Fishmonger’s Seafood Closes After 41 Years

The owners of the restaurant plan to retire
Photo: Fishmonger’s Seafood Restaurant | Facebook

The well-loved Fishmonger’s Seafood in Plano closed its doors for good on November 27. A combination of the pandemic and inflation put a strain on the owners of the popular seafood eatery. 

“Fishmonger's will be closing permanently at the close of business Sunday, November 27th. It has been a pleasure to watch Plano grow and change over the last forty-one years,” Fishmonger’s said in a Facebook post. “We've seen the children of 1981 bring in their children and grandchildren. Now it's time to enjoy the next stage of our lives. We will remember all of you who we’ve come to know and love in this wonderful Fishmongers family! Thank you all for supporting us all these years.”

According to The Dallas Morning News, co-owner Jim Elrod said the restaurant was “Mardi Gras” busy the last week they were open, as regulars began saying goodbye to the restaurant.  

From specialty Pontchartrain to tilapia bruschetta the popular seafood spot welcomed guests into the homey atmosphere for almost 41 years. Fishmonger’s would have celebrated its 41-year anniversary on December 7, 2022, but co-owners Pattie and Jim Elrod were ready to settle down and retire. Inflation and the COVID-19 pandemic have also made owning a business especially difficult, so it seemed like the right time to shut the place down. 

“This economy is crazy,” Jim Elrod told The Dallas Morning News. “It’s really difficult to make any money, with labor problems and delivery problems and food costs.”

Fishmonger’s found a home at three addresses in Plano and for a few years, the restaurant had a location on Greenville Avenue in Dallas. Even though Fishmonger’s won’t open its doors again, the restaurant will always be a beloved spot in Plano. 

"So long and thanks for all the fish,” the Facebook post ended. “Love you all, Jim and Pattie Elrod.”